Most asked question:
"Why is there a Monkey on your sign?"

Answer :
"Does a Monkey need a reason?"

Treacle Drinks

Sometimes you just need to let a bar be what it wants to be.

To some, Treacle is a great cocktail bar – home to some of the cities best bartenders, winning a handful of awards along the way……to others it’s a great place to go for food, a weekend pre-club venue or a mid-week place to meet up with friends (or that girl/guy you met last weekend).

We hang out with the breakfast crowd seven days a week from 10am and we keep going through lunch and dinner until 10pm – when the lucky chefs get to go home and the even luckier bartenders get to fire out cocktails, craft beers and ciders until 1am.

Whatever your reason for going to Treacle – bring it on

Treacle – a cocktail from the 1980’s, created by Dick Bradsell (London Bartending legend). A twist on an old fashioned – Dark Rum, bitters, sugar and pressed apple juice.